Public Education Available

These workshops can be presented to a small or large group as part of our commitment to community development in our region.  We can also bring our own PA equipment (small fee) for an easy presentation for you.
Consent in the #TimesUp Era

We now encourage everyone to consider an enthusiastic 'yes means yes' as the signal for a consensual experience which respects personal boundaries without misunderstandng.  This practical workshop teaches participants how to recognize situations of questionable consent and to seek clear consent in all manner of relationships, not just sexual ones.  Great for high school or post secondary students.

Understanding Rape Culture

Using current news examples, this two hour workshop helps participants make sense of the term 'rape culture', highlighting links between gender, gender based violence, cultural practices and our economic and legal structures.  Participants will come away with an ability to analyse our current #MeToo news cycle more fully and will be equipped to recognize situations of sexual violence and harassment more easily.  Great for students, community partners and organization managers.

Trauma and Resiliency - An Introduction to Trauma Informed Practice

This workshop enables participants to have an introductory understanding of the elements of single and developmental traumatic experience and some techniques they can use to assist in processing trauma towards stabilization.  We will teach the meaning of 'trauma informed' practice.  Great for community partners, teachers and health practitioners.  If you are a community group interested in this topic, call us to discuss your needs. 

A more advanced workshop in working with complex sexual assault trauma can also be presented.

If You See It, Speak It

For this workshop, we partner with anti-violence activist and educator Dawn Novak, to provide an interactive experience in understanding the 2006 femicide of Ryerson University student Natalie Novak, Dawn's daughter.  This workshop enables people of all ages to recognize and learn the importance of speaking out when witnessing elements of an abusive relationship.  Great for high school students or interested community groups.

Partners of Survivors

Women clients of the agency are invited to bring their partners to this workshop, which highlights in plain language some of the challenges survivors face in their journeys towards healing from sexual assault.  This workshop helps partners to become more skilled allies in healing, learning to recognize signs a partner may be triggered and learning strategies to assist her.  We will discuss the topic of consent in sexual relationships and offer insight into how partners can deepen trust and attachment in their relationships.  We also offer support for partners in their work as allies.