S.A.I.L 2-- Workshops

Workshop  – Boundaries

In this workshop, we will start with a fun and lively ice breaker.  We will then move into discussions around the group boundaries that we adhere to within the programs at our agency.  We will also look at self boundaries and creating safety within the groups we participate in.    (prerequisite for SAIL Three)

Workshop  – Self Care

We will guide participants through an interactive workshop which will involve a variety of different modalities for self care – including visualization, meditation, grounding, breathing and music.  (prerequisite for SAIL Three)

Workshop  – Effective Journaling

We will talk about the effectiveness of Journaling, types of journaling and how it can be one of the most effective coping strategies when learning to “put on the brakes”.   We will look at different types of journals and examining what works for you. (prerequisite for SAIL Three)

Workshop  – Sexual Assault Definitions and Effects

Expanding on our original workshop series, we will look at the different definitions and types of sexual violence and the common effects that survivors experience.  (prerequisite for SAIL Three)

Workshop  – Yoga and Breathing

More self care strategies, we will take a closer look  to the many benefits of yoga as well as go through a gentle chair yoga exercise that will reiterate how yoga really can be for everyone.  We will also introduce new breathing techniques in an interactive practice of breathe work.

Workshop  – Post Trauma Stress and the Neurobiological Effects

We will examine post trauma stress and the neurobiological effects that effect many survivors lives.  This workshop is an expansion topic from our SAIL 1 workshop series.   (prerequisite for SAIL Three)

Workshop  – Mind Mapping – Affirmations

This workshop will examine the benefits of mind mapping and lead the group through an experiential exercise creating their own mind map.  We will also look at the benefits of affirmations in the healing journey.

Workshop  – Super Self Care

We will reframe and review the past eight weeks and leave workshop participants with further self care tools as they continue on their journey.  

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