Survivors of Sexual Violence Speak!

Justice and Sexual Violence

The year 2016 marks a watershed moment in Canadian society, a year in which many people began to discuss sexual assault on almost daily basis. For advocates like us at MPSSAS and our sister agencies, the public spotlight brought a dizzying spin of inquiries, referrals, disclosures, and ‘teachable moments’. Some of the discussion brought validation, but the number of myths about sexual assault that needed challenging – yet again- was truly disheartening.

MPSSAS offers a conference/ retreat twice a year for 40-50 present and past women users of agency services. During this year’s spring conference, our outrage bubbling, we convened a panel to discuss questions related to our experiences of justice for the crimes related to sexual violence.

Here's what survivors had to say about justice and sexual violence. Read the full article at the link below. 


Justice and Sexual Violence: Survivors Speak!