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Ojiibikaawan (We Have Roots) 

This project involves a full time sexual assault therapist who is able to offer crisis, individual and group therapy opportunities for survivors of sexual assault from the Canadian Armed Forces or DND veteran populations, and is funded until 2026.   

Our organization serves people of all genders aged 16+ and we embed Indigenous healing methodologies and opportunities in our agency work. We also use a western trauma informed lens to enable understanding of impacts people experience and as well the systems which perpetuate sexual violence.   

Our programs are operating in person, hybrid and online, and so we are able to support people regardless of their location. 

Kimberly Brown Metcalfe is the therapist connected with this program. 

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new program beginning
May 2023!

Contact Linda for Intake

text or call : (705) 394-4089

This program is funded by the Department of National Defence’s Sexual Misconduct Support and Resource Centre.

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Four Directions of Healing

This project is a one year partnership with the Greenestone Centre for Recovery, located in Bala ON.  We know that experiences of sexual assault trauma can result in addictions as people are coping with the complex feelings and physiological reactions stemming from their experiences.  In this partnership, we will support CAF/DND survivors who have accessed Greenestone’s healing program in two land based Indigenous healing opportunities on the Greenestone property in fall 2023 and winter 2024. 

Knowledge Keeper Suzanne Smoke and Kimberly Brown Metcalfe of MPSSAS are connected to this program.  

Contact Linda for Intake

text or call : (705) 394-4089