Muskoka/Parry Sound Sexual Assault Services is a non-profit

organization which operates through the efforts of staff and

volunteers. We receive some “core” funding from the Ministry

of the Attorney General and the Ministry of Health; but, fundraising

activities are necessary in order to offer some programs and services.


How You Can Help

Volunteer participation is, however, vital to the agency's existence.

Without the incredible amount of time and effort offered by dedicated and

caring woman in Muskoka and Parry Sound, the agency could not exist. If

you wish to volunteer for our agency, please click "Contact Us" to find the

contact information for the office in your area.

Please click to donate

Our ability to provide programs and services depends

to a large extent on the continued generousity of our

financial supporters. (more >>)


Call the Women's Sexual Assualt Help Line for confidential support. 

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