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Volunteer Services

MPSSAS is thrilled to have the support of many skilled volunteers who are committed to raising awareness about sexual violence and supporting survivors to heal. We are currently recruiting volunteers for our 24/7 Anonymous Sexual Assault Help Line and our Online Crisis Chat.  The Help Line provides support and referrals to survivors of sexual assault or for our online chat provides regular daily anonymous support regarding impacts of sexual violence. We are also looking for volunteers to assist other agency activities (no formal training required) such as for special events, fundraising initiatives, drop-in programs, and the Board of Directors.

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Volunteer Coordinator,

Martina Cole,

for all Volunteer Inquiries:

(705) 627-9471,

(705) 646-2122

If any of the following resonates with you, check out our online training program for volunteer work with our Help Line and Crisis Chat!


  • Learning more about sexual assault/gender based violence issues in your community

  • Volunteering on the Sexual Assault Help Line or Safe Support Chat from the convenience of your home

  • Improving your listening and support skills

  • Supporting another survivor with your own healing knowledge

Our 30-hour online training course covers a wide range of topics that deal with sexual assault and gender based violence, including:

• Area Resources
• Agency Information and Protocols
• Agency herstory
• Intervention Skills
• Sexual Assault
• Discrimination and Prejudice
• Dating Violence
• Self-Harming Behaviour, 
• Legal Information

• Self Care

You can request a certificate after completing each level.

The training is divided into three levels:

1. Sexual Violence & Consent: the Basics

2. Helpline Volunteer Training: Part 1

3. Helpline Volunteer Training: Part 3

If you would like to be a volunteer on our 24/7 Helpline you must complete ALL three levels.

If you have any questions please contact


705 627-9471

Martina in the subway station

We'd like to introduce our  

Volunteer Coordinator, 

Martina Cole!










My name is Martina and I am the Volunteer Coordinator for MPSSAS.

Aside from being a Registered Social Service Worker and Volunteer Coordinator, I serve as Chair on the Board of Directors for the Gravenhurst Women’s Centre and I am a Wildlife Lover.

I am on a mission to empower and align people to live a life free from violence as I believe it is our birth right.

I believe in the power of education and raising awareness for social injustices and gender based violence in all its forms.

As Volunteer Coordinator, it is my purpose to help support the extraordinary volunteers we have and the news ones we hope to acquire.

Thank you,

Martina Cole

The Stars

MPSSAS’ volunteer training provides an insightful and incredibly thorough overview of trauma, feminism, anti-racism, anti-oppression, vicarious trauma, and sexual and gender-based violence. The training is easy to follow and interactive! I found the overview of sexual and gender-based violence and information on how to support those who have experienced sexual trauma to be really helpful prior to starting my role as a volunteer. I really appreciated the emphasis on ways to prevent and reduce vicarious trauma – it let me know that MPSSAS really cares about the well-being of their volunteers.

-Mitzi Beth Webb

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