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As an agency, we are committed to ongoing growth and learning to provide safe and informed support, starting with individual virtual counselling for 2SLGBTQ+ survivors in our community! 

We recognize that gender based violence and sexual violence impact 2SLGBTQ+ in unique and complex ways and that this community is chronically underserved by GBV and SV services due to homophobic, transphobic, racist, and colonial ways of approaching the work. 

We know that another barrier to accessing safe and informed support is that services are often unaware of some of the ways GBV manifests in the lives of 2SLGBTQ+ folks beyond intimate partner violence. Some folks may encounter experiences of "corrective" sexual violence, outing or threats of outing a survivor's sexual orientation, threats of ostracization from the 2SLGBTQ+ community, withholding of gender affirming gear or hormones, and verbal abuse based on someone's gender  identity, sexual orientation, or sex characteristics etc and more (Queering Gender- Based Violence Prevention & Response in Canada).

We are committed to providing a safe place for 2SLGBTQ+ folks to explore and heal experiences of GBV and SV through individual virtual counselling facilitated by queer BIPOC counsellor, fir moon. Email to connect.

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Cosmos: 2SLGBTQ+ Survivors Focused Counselling

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