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​Ganawendan (niin) Dibinawe 
(Protecting Ourselves) 

This project's name is currently being reviewed by the Youth Advisory Board, thanks to the skilled language teachers and speakers in this group. 

Sexual violence requires a very specific knowledge and set of trauma informed approaches, braided together with Indigenous healing methodologies for work with Indigenous people.

Our project empowers Indigenous youth to create a new model of healing in which mainstream and Indigenous agencies can work together to create accessible and culturally informed trauma and mental health support services for healing from colonial and sexual violence.

We have begun by creating a Youth Advisory Board of Indigenous youth ages 15-29 that meet monthly to begin the process of visioning new pathways for healing.

Led by Project Coordinators Kara Wanoth and fir moon steer. Reach out if you would like to learn more about the program!

Ganawendan Youth Call out Poster_edited.jpg

Funded by the Youth System Innovation Fund of the Ontario Trillium Foundation

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