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Male (Self-Identified) Survivor Program 2022

At the present time, MPSSAS is offering an ongoing male (self-identified) survivor program. Contact us If you are aged 16+ and have experienced sexual assault as a child, youth and/or adult, are looking for supportive counselling. You can participate in both individual and group counselling with us.


The group based program uses the Fireweed model, which incorporates both western and Indigenous healing methods. No one is asked to share or participate outside of their comfort zone. Group content will follow this program but will also be modified according to the needs of the group. The program is free to service users, and confidentiality and other program boundaries will be discussed up front.

Waterfalls in fall


  • develop their awareness of the concrete impacts of their experiences

  • get in touch with strengths they may not recognize now

  • enable healing and greater trust in relationships

  • reduce shame and self blame

  • learn specific strategies to help with the alterations in thinking and body responses which traumatic experiences cause.

the male survivor program will enable participants to:

We can offer up to 8 individual sessions and opportunities to take part in a therapy group program. We know survivors of sexual violence in smaller communities often feel anxiety about others knowing their history in a group program, but you also have the benefit of becoming part of a community of other survivors, who accept you and have their own strategies and growth to offer you. You will also have your own insight to offer others. As part of our reconciliation outreach work, Indigenous identified survivors can access this program regardless of their location.

MPSSAS has worked with thousands of women, trans and non binary survivors since we began our work as a Sexual Assault Centre in 1993. Our SAIL program offers 4 stages of group work, enabling survivors to exit our programs with most of their trauma work resolved.  We know the strength it took to live on from your experience will enable you to do the work to bridge your healing from survival to a thriving, good life. We also know that therapy is hard work too.


Looking for support?

call: (705) 646-2122

(voicemail okay)
text: (705) 394-4089

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