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PROGRAMS & SERVICES: Advocacy/ Accompaniment

As resources permit, MPSSAS staff and volunteers are available to accompany sexual assault survivors (aged 16+) as they access appropriate services.

Forest Path

Whenever possible, MPSSAS staff or volunteers will accompany people who have been recently sexually assaulted to the hospital.

MPSSAS staff can also advocate on a survivor's behalf until they feel capable of doing so themselves. This may include assisting in letter writing and making telephone calls, and/or arranging other meetings as requested. 

In addition, accompaniment can be arranged if a person wishes to attend other related professional appointments, and/or make a report to the police. Accompaniment can continue through subsequent court processes, when necessary.

Looking for advocacy support?

call: (705) 646-2122

(voicemail okay)
text: (705) 394-4089

(specify intake)

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