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Chorus of Courage


Our agency became involved with the Chorus of Courage through a referral from Julie DiMarchi at Timmins and Area Women in Crisis, about Cindy Doire and her idea for this wonderful project.


Cindy began working with MPSSAS Executive Director Lauren Power and the project unfolded from there.  We are tremendously grateful for the opportunity to support some survivors who’ve used our healing programs to share their stories, and to support others in telling theirs.  And equally thrilled that Cindy now is a sexual assault therapist working on our team!


We encourage you to check out the website and the music and meet the project participants through coming to the performance March 8, 2024 in Ottawa’s National Arts Centre or by downloading the Chorus of Courage album on your favourite streaming service.


These powerful stories need to be heard.  Your support for this project and your advocacy for change is most welcomed!

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