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PROGRAMS & SERVICES: Sexual Assault Help Line

Anonymous Sexual Assault Help Line:

• 24 hours-a-day/7 days a week

• free, safe, confidential

• support and referral

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Our 24-hour crisis support Help Line is staffed by volunteers who have completed a comprehensive training program. Agency staff support our volunteers at all times.

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Contacting us for the first time?

call: (705) 646-2122

(voicemail okay)
text: (705) 394-4089

(specify intake)

Sexual Assault Help Line Frequently Asked Questions

Who can call the Help Line?

What happens when I call the Help Line?

What can I talk about?

  • thoughts and feelings

  • health issues

  • going to the hospital or health clinic

  • making a report to the police

  • going to court

What other supports can I access?

  • you can see someone in person if you choose

  • access counselling support, more information, and referrals by getting in touch with us

How do I know this service is anonymous?

  • callers don't have to provide their name/s

  • the toll-free number won't appear on any phone bills

  • "call display" is not used

  • all calls are strictly confidential.

  • when you call, an answering service will connect you with the worker on call

  • support is provided through an empowerment-based, non-judgemental approach 

  • we recognize and respect the strengths of each caller, and their right to make their own decisions

  • anyone who has experienced sexual assault, childhood sexual abuse (including incest survivors), and/or sexual harassment

  • friends or family members of folks who have experienced sexual assault, childhood sexual abuse, and/or sexual harassment

Sexual Assault Help Line:

Contact MPSSAS

call: (705) 646-2122
text Linda: (705) 394-4089 

(specify intake)

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