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SAIL Group Content

  • psycho-education, trauma therapy, equine therapy, CBT and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, expressive arts

  • educational workshop series, group and/or individual therapy 

  • SAIL supports survivors to build their understanding of gender based violence within our culture. Survivors are supported to find ways to use inner strengths to build resilience and healing. It is a gradual process and each individual determines their participation level.

SAIL Group Structure

  • SAIL is a free, confidential, four-stage group therapy program

  • groups are closed for a series of 16 sessions, two series are held yearly. There is currently a waitlist for beginning SAIL.

  • psychiatric consultation through telemedicine is possible through SAIL. Wait time is typically 3-4 months.

  • are survivors of sexual assault or human trafficking

  • have experienced childhood sexual abuse

  • and/or are survivors of sexual harassment

Many SAIL clients have experienced intimate partner violence, sexual harassment, human trafficking or criminal harassment. 

SAIL provides supportive therapy services in the Districts of Muskoka and Parry Sound to folks aged 16+ who:

Beautiful Beach

Sexual Assault Intervention for Living (SAIL)

SAIL Workshop Series 


Stage 1 SAIL program begins in January, June, and September each year. Specific dates to be determined. 

To register:

call:(705) 646-2122 (voicemail okay)  or

text Linda: (705) 394-4089 (specify intake)

learn more about SAIL group therapy:

Rainbow Waterfall

Workshop # 1:


  • Welcome to the S.A.I.L. program orientation.

  • Examine myths and facts about sexual assault.

  • Develop techniques to ground yourself for the workshops and afterwards.

Workshop # 3:


  • Explore further methods for healing both mind and body, with therapy as only one of the numerous ways in which you can help yourself in healing.

Workshop # 2:


  • Learn how humans process traumatic events in our minds and bodies, and some ways to manage these issues now. 

  • Practice techniques for taking care of yourself in the healing process.

SAIL Stage 1:
The Workshops Series
Prerequisite for long term therapy.


SAIL Stage 2:
8+ Sessions 

Prerequisite for long term therapy. Offered online, three times per year. Survivors may come to multiple series.  

SAIL 2 offers a variety of sessions that explore the self, coping tools and strategies,

as well as psychoeducation.


In this workshop, we will start with a fun and lively ice breaker.  We will then move into discussions around the group boundaries that we adhere to within the programs at our agency.  We will also look at self boundaries and creating safety within the groups we participate in. (prerequisite for SAIL Three)

Self Care

We will guide participants through an interactive workshop which will involve a variety of different modalities for self care – including visualization, meditation, grounding, breathing and music.  (prerequisite for SAIL Three)

Yoga and Breathing

More self care strategies, we will take a closer look  to the many benefits of yoga as well as go through a gentle chair yoga exercise that will reiterate how yoga really can be for everyone.  We will also introduce new breathing techniques in an interactive practice of breathe work.

Effective Journaling

We will talk about the effectiveness of Journaling, types of journaling and how it can be one of the most effective coping strategies when learning to “put on the brakes”.   We will look at different types of journals and examining what works for you. 

(prerequisite for SAIL Three)

Sexual Assault Definitions and Effects

Expanding on our original workshop series, we will look at the different definitions and types of sexual violence and the common effects that survivors experience. 

(prerequisite for SAIL Three)

Waves on the Rocks

Super Self Care

We will reframe and review the past eight weeks and leave workshop participants with further self care tools as they continue on their journey.  

Post Trauma Stress and the Neurobiological Effects

We will examine post trauma stress and the neurobiological effects that effect many survivors lives.  This workshop is an expansion topic from our SAIL 1 workshop series. 

(prerequisite for SAIL Three)

Mind Mapping – Affirmations

This workshop will examine the benefits of mind mapping and lead the group through an experiential exercise creating their own mind map.  We will also look at the benefits of affirmations in the healing journey.


Therapy groups run in 16 week blocks from October to June yearly using blended modalities. We will dive deeper into these topics with a focus on building coping skills:

  • beliefs about self

  • tactics of offenders

  • family relationships

  • inner child

  • flashbacks, nightmares

  • dissociation

  • anger, guilt, shame

  • impacts of trauma

  • self care



Space for individual therapy is limited and an individual's need for individual therapy will be discussed with survivors following the workshop series (SAIL 1 or 2).  We believe in the power of survivors assisting each other and healing through group work.  

Our mentoring program is also available for those who wish one to one supports - with another survivor, a mentor who has 'been there' too.

SAIL Stage 3:
Group/Individual Therapy
Prerequisite for SAIL 4. Offered online at this time.


SAIL 4 is therapy group that runs in 16 week blocks throughout the year using Dialectical Behavior Therapy approaches. Four skill areas are taught and practiced including emotion regulation, distress tolerance, mindfulness and interpersonal relationships

Issues within the group may be processed using these skills, in an atmosphere of safety and respect. We also use equine therapy experiences to assist with learning DBT skills.

SAIL Stage 4:
Group Therapy
Offered online at this time.

Looking for resources or support as an ally, partner, or parent of a survivor?
Offered as needed.

MPSSAS offers workshops and resources to partners of survivors in the SAIL program, as well as to parents, allies, and community members who are supporting survivors in their lives. If you are interested in attending a workshop to learn more about how sexual abuse and assault impact survivors and how best to help, contact us for more information.

Bracebridge Phone:

705-646-2122 or 1-877-406-1268.

Text: 705-644-3183


Core funded by

Ontario MCCSS, Ministry of Children, Community, and 

Social Services and Ontario Health Team

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