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​Aanji Bimaadiziwin (A Changed Life) 

program starting

Through this 29-month project, we will link Indigenous Elders and Knowledge Keepers, women and 2S people as mentors or mentees – to strengthen the GBV sector. We will address needs in rural/remote and diverse communities in a manner that recognizes the colonial impacts of gender-based violence and marginalization and provides strategies for trauma-informed and culturally relevant healing.  

To do so, the project will build on the agency’s Survivor-to-Survivor Peer Mentorship Project, working with Indigenous leadership to develop a training program and toolkit that is delivered with a decolonial and culturally relevant lens.   We will develop and deliver land-based healing events, piloting and refining the model. 


Suzanne Smoke will be working in the role of Project Coordinator, building on her work over the past 5 years with the agency and in leadership in her Nation. We will continue to work with Indigenous women and 2S people across numerous treaty and unceded lands and to develop further the BIPOC decolonization work being done by the OCRCC, the sector’s coalition.

More details coming soon!


ARTWORK: Jay Bell-Redbird

Funded by a grant from
Women and Gender Equality Canada

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