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PROGRAMS & SERVICES: Online Crisis Chat

On our website, you can enter the safe support chat service when you see the floating bubble in the bottom right corner of your screen. 

You may chat in real time with one of our trained volunteers through the chat bubble.  The chat is anonymous and is designed to scrub the url information of both users in an ongoing way, so the urls are not tracked.  We do not record the chats either.   

Use the safe support chat to:

  • Seek support regarding impacts of a recent or historical sexual assault 

  • Ask questions – was this assault?  Sometimes it’s blurry.  We understand that. 

  • Seek support getting grounded 

  • Find help in getting referrals to other programs or services 

  • Ask a question about something else related to sexual violence 

  • Explore options if you are wondering about reporting to the criminal justice system (it’s your choice to do that, and we can help you make an informed choice). 

Important to Know

Through the pandemic, MPSSAS has been considered an essential service. Our programs continue to run and are being delivered virtually and in person.

If you need help accessing services with us via phone or online programs, please let us know. We can assist you to access technology and other resources that connect you to our services.

Our online anonymous chat service is now available - click the floating bubble on the website.

Need support accessing technology?

We can assist participants experiencing barriers

to participating because of technology!


Contact your group facilitator for more information.

Curious about Virtual
Service Delivery?

When we work from home, we are always working hard to maintain your privacy and confidentiality.

Our laptops are password protected and your data is saved on a secure server, not on our computers. We always work in a private area away from others.

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