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Sexual Violence and the Justice System

Holly Johnson's 2012 summary of Canadian justice revealed that for every 1000 sexual assaults, 33 are reported to the police, 29 are reported as a crime, 12 have charges laid, 6 are prosecuted and 3 convictions are obtained while 997 assailants walk free. 

Recently the justice system has been brought into the spotlight because of high profile cases and the continuous work of advocates. Read about the current discussions on sexual violence and the justice system below. 

#usetherightwords and Rape Culture

What is rape culture?

How do we build a consent culture?

Join the discussions by clicking below. 


In 2016 Canada launched a National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls. For more information visit our Violence Against Indigenous Women page or click the link below. 

Healing and Self-Care

Click the link below for self-care strategies and resources on understanding trauma. 

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