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Our new logo is the culmination of multiple years of change work at our centre.  We hope you appreciate its combination of new and familiar imagery. 

Around the circle is a sweetgrass braid, familiar in our former logo. Our 30-year+ commitment to providing culturally safe services to Indigenous survivors of sexual violence, and anti-racist/anti-oppression community development as a mainstream provider is renewed in this logo.

MPSSAS Logo, a tree with small leaves and roots surrounded by a circle of braided sweetgrass

Sweetgrass is the sacred hair of Mother Earth and braided represents

body, mind, and spirit.

Burning it is to purify thoughts and the environment around. 

The braid is made up of 21 strands for community survival 

1st strand: 7 for previous 7 generations

2nd strand: 7 for grandfather gifts

(respect, love, truth, bravery, wisdom, generosity, humility)

3rd strand: 7 for 7 generations to come

We’ve also had a need to define our organization with a symbol that reflects our commitment to working with all genders of human beings, not only with ciswomen, so we have dropped the woman symbol, although ciswomen remain many of the humans we serve.   

We’ve kept a tree image, a symbol of the strength, endurance and healing powers of the earth. Rooted in the ground, our tree is growing, strong and able to withstand the storms it can face. A reflection of our trauma work and the healing growth that humans who work with us have faced and are undertaking. This change in service direction reflects our deeper understanding that gender based violence and specifically sexual violence impacts all genders, and for trans, gender diverse, non-binary and intersex people, at higher incidence than ciswomen.   

We have also begun working with cis men as well, realizing that given the frequency of sexual assault of men and boys, services which can address their experiences with a sensitive, feminist and trauma informed lens are important. We invite you to contemplate our logo with deeper understandings of our support for people who have experienced sexual violence and our commitment to ending gender based violence. 

MPSSAS Logo, a tree with small leaves and roots surrounded by a circle of braided sweetgrass
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