Mission Statement:

We are an intersectional feminist organization dedicated to providing leadership, education, advocacy and trauma-informed support to end sexual violence and harassment. 


Gender-based violence, including sexual violence, is a global issue. We develop strong collaborative responses to shift longstanding societal beliefs and systems to create social change.


We honour all people who have experienced sexual violence and harassment. Their diverse voices are heard and reflected in the design and delivery of our programs to facilitate empowerment and healing.


Our Herstory -- The history of our agency. 

Our logo represents the woman symbol in a sweetgrass (sacred hair of Mother Earth)  braid –3 strands in a braid -  body, mind, spirit/ love, peace, harmony.

Burning it is to purify thoughts and the environment and banish negative thoughts.

(may be made up of 21 strands for community survival)– 7 for previous 7 generations = 1 strand, 7 for grandfather gifts – respect, love, truth, bravery, wisdom, generosity, humility = 2nd strand and 7 for 7 generations to come in 3rd strand)

In the centre of our logo is Daphne, a greek goddess who saved herself from rape by the god Apollo by turning herself into a tree – women’s strength and resilience.

Our colour purple represents the violence against women movement.


Call the Women's Sexual Assualt Help Line for confidential support. 

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